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Destination ImagiNation is a program that teaches participants important life skills and expands their imaginations through team based, youth centered creative problem solving.

Participants learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation, which fosters their curiosity, courage and creativity. Students in the program learn higher order thinking and improve in creative and critical thinking while learning to work together as a team. Participants also have the opportunity to develop new friendships with students around the world.

Destination Imagination Global Finals:

In 2015 We have past the Turkey Tournaments and invited to participate in Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of student creativity. Each May, more than 1,400 of the top-scoring DI teams from 45 U.S. states and 14 countries gather in Knoxville, Tennessee to showcase their innovative Challenge solutions. More than 17,000 people attend the event each year. The scheduled festivities include the Destination Imagination Tournament, interactive exhibits, pin trading, skills workshops, international events and more.

Alperen Özcan, Devin Ülgen, Saliha Pir, Ezgi Subaşı, Simge Ekin Gülmez, Gizem Sayın, Özlem Şenol (Team Manager), Tülay Akyol (Team Manager)

DI Poland
Defne Abacı, Ozan  Cem Polat, Merve Mayakon, Taha Efe Dönmez, Furkan Eren Çilek, Ercan Kalkan, Mert Şahinoğlu, Zeynel Kızılelma (Team Manager)

DI Qatar
Ahmet Aydın, Furkan Eren Çilek, Simge Demirel, Batuhan Aksu, Zeynel Kızılelma (Team Manager)

DI Çin
Serhat Atik, Mert Şahinoğlu, Alperen Özcan, Umut Torunoğlu, Gizem Sayın, Özlem Şenol (Team Manager)